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What Is Auto Detailing?


How long does a car wash take?

Because we are a hand car wash, we do admit that we take a little longer than automatic washes. And since we stress quality over quantity, our goal has never been to be the fastest wash. Extra services mean more time, so if you need a little extra scrubbing, be sure to plan accordingly. You can always leave your car with us while you go to work , grab lunch, a workout, or get a little shopping done in downtown London.

I have seen other detailers advertised – Why use Arrow Auto Detailing?
As with many things you cannot judge the standard of work based on cost. Our work is our passion and we always strive for perfection. Our business and reputation is based upon the results we deliver and we are not to be confused with outfits offering paint correction using inferior equipment and gaining inferior results. Arrow Auto Detailing will provide a service and standard that is second to none. If you value the appearance and condition of your vehicle then the cost involved in our work is minimal when compared with the results obtained. If you are considering having your pride and Joy corrected and detailed then make sure it is done right first time.

My car looks nothing like it used – the paintwork is full of swirls; is it too late to correct it?
No, it’s never too late to correct and preserve a cars appearance, in doing so you may well fall in love with it again. Following a clearly defined process, Arrow Auto Detailing will return the lustre of the paintwork, whilst removing the unsightly damage it has received.

What types of supplies and equipment do you use?
We use professional grade waxes and polishes. Our cleaners are formulated to clean your car without damaging your interior or exterior in any way.
Our trained detail technicians use only the finest & highest quality supplies & “state of the art” equipment.

Why should I detail my car?
Well, for starters it makes the car look great. Everyone likes a clean car. Also, detailing your car on a regular basis protects the cars finish. A well-kept vehicle is always worth more. Protect your investment by having your car detailed and send a message of success!

Do I need an appointment to bring my car in for a detail?
Yes, we like to ensure that the proper time is devoted to your vehicle. So that we can do the best job possible, we have limited amount of appointments at our shop every day.

How often should I wash my vehicle?
Throughout the summer months once every two weeks is sufficient to clean off bugs, pollen and other contaminants. If you drive in rural areas and/or highway driving where bugs are a bit more of a problem then once a week is best. (When bugs hit your vehicle they have an acidic component and without cleaning those off it can leave marks in the paint of your vehicle.)

The autumn months present issues with falling leaves and usually every two weeks is fine to wash your vehicle. Wet leaves left on your vehicle’s paint can leave imprinted marks due to their carbon component; takes this into account and if so wash your vehicle more frequently.

During the winter months once every two weeks again is adequate; mainly to clean-off road salt residue which can affect your vehicle’s paint